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The United Kingdom and U.S. are laying the groundwork for future agreements in the area of Commercial Space Transportation after signing a memorandum of cooperation.

The UK's bid to become Europe's leading space nation took a giant leap forward today as government revealed the 8 locations now under consideration to base Britain's first spaceport.

Through the UK Space Agency, the Government is set to invest £60 million ($90.5) in the development of the SABRE - a British-designed rocket engine which could revolutionize the fields of propulsion and launcher technology, and significantly reduce the costs of accessing space.

The UK is set to build on its success as a leader in the provision of climate data and services, with a new strategy to increase the use of space technology in this growing market.

The UK Space Agency is set to invest £1.2 billion in some of Europe's biggest and most lucrative space projects, providing the UK with increased leadership in a rapidly growing global sector and building on the British space industry's £9.1 billion contribution to the economy.

The UK's #9.1 billion space sector is about to become even bigger business after the Government today pledged an extra #60 million to the UK Space Agency for Europe's space programme.

Size and Health of the UK Space Sector

The Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, today announced the release of the UK Space Agency's latest report on the progress of the UK space industry.

Tests on 'green' propellants for space propulsion, the demonstration of pultruded manufacturing of spacecraft components and a feasibility study into the use of Europe's new radioisotope power systems for space are among the ten winners in the UK Space Agency's latest competition within the National Space Technology Programme (NSTP).