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Oreo's "Out of this World" Global App

After conquering the seventh continent in its 100th birthday year, the World's Favorite Cookie has decided to take on the universe in its 101st with a new, ground-breaking star chart messaging app; OREO Skies.

Webb Telescope Spinoffs In Industry

A critical component of the James Webb Space Telescope is its new technology. Much of the technology for the Webb had to be conceived, designed and built specifically to enable it to see farther back in time. As with many NASA technological advances, some of the innovations are being used to benefit humankind in many other industries.

Lockheed Martin, under a contract from the University of Arizona (U of Az), has completed assembly of the Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) Instrument Modules. NIRCam is the prime near-infrared imaging instrument for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). The work was done at the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Palo Alto, where environmental testing is about to begin.