Airbus Defence and Space: ESA Contract for Next-Generation Telecommunication Satellite platform

Airbus Defence and Space, number two worldwide in space technologies, has been awarded the phase B contract for initial design work on the European Space Agency (ESA) next-generation satellite platforms. The contract, in conjunction with Thales Alenia Space (TAS), is worth 18.2 million euros.

The new platform of Airbus Defence and Space will be designed for telecommunications satellites of between three and six tonnes. Lighter and smaller than the current platforms, it will feature an all-electric version and, in response to customer requirements, will also be available with a chemical propulsion system.

This next generation Airbus Defence and Space platform is expected to enter into service in 2019 as the subsequent Phase-C/D will start in 2015 for the development and manufacture of the first two prototype flight platforms.

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