SpaceX Continues Texas Land Purchases in Subdivision Called 'Mars Crossing'

SpaceX may have already landed on Mars. Amid anticipation that Cameron County could be selected as the location for the world's first private vertical launch site, SpaceX has developed a subdivision called "Mars Crossing."

It also continued to expand its property holdings into this new year, a Valley Morning Star investigation shows.

This year, through Dogleg Park LLC, Elon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies purchased 28 new lots surrounding the proposed complex at Boca Chica Beach, bringing the total number of lots it now owns to 88. The total land area purchased encompasses roughly 36 acres of land. In addition, SpaceX has leased 56.5 acres.

Furthermore, SpaceX's Director of Advanced Projects Steve Davis replatted 13 lots totaling 8.344 acres into one lot under the name "Mars Crossing Subdivision." Cameron County Commissioners Court gave its approval of the preliminary and final plat of the subdivision at the end of the past year, the Star also found. This is the area where the control and command center would be situated.

- Full story at the Valley Morning Star.

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