Video - AIAA Space 2016 Panel: Limiting or Unlimited - Envisioning a Free Market Space Industry


AIAA Space 2016 Panel: Limiting or Unlimited - Envisioning a Free Market Space Industry.

The notion of a free market space industry has picked up momentum significantly in the last decade with an increased focus on commercial endeavors. These endeavors are not only from current players in the space industry, but also from non-traditional entrants like Amazon and Google.

The increase in competitors in this market is resulting in faster technological innovations and lower costs that make space much more accessible. This session will explore the following questions around the future of free market space:

- What types of markets and competitors do we expect to emerge?
- What are the implications around Space Traffic Management and overall governance in this environment?
- Do we have any lessons learned from the recent of surge of UAVs in the private sector?-
What other complexities or emergent behaviors do we anticipate and what impact will it have on our society?


- Sophia Bright, Director of Program Strategy & Execution, Information Technology Product Systems, The Boeing Company (Moderator)

- Chris Ferguson, Deputy Program Manager and Director of Crew & Mission Operations, Commercial Crew Program, The Boeing Company

- Michael Griffin, Chairman and CEO, Schafer Corporation

- Jeff Matthews, Director of Venture Strategy & Research, Space Frontier Foundation

- Bruce Pittman, Chief System Engineer, NASA Space Portal, NASA Ames Research Center

- Paul Collopy, University of Alabama, Huntsville (Academic Scholar)

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