Surrey Satellite Technology US solicits extra payloads for its 2015 OTB Ride-Share mission

Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC is soliciting ancillary payloads for its upcoming OTB mission that will be launched in Q1 2015, offering both government and commercial organizations a low risk, cost effective opportunity for the flight and operation of payloads, subsystems and equipments in low earth orbit.

Surrey has a proven track record in the provision of high quality, rapid, cost effective small satellite solutions, applications and services and extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in facilitating flight opportunities for hosted payloads and equipments. Over fifty separate demonstration and experimental payloads have been successfully delivered to orbit by Surrey to date, and the company strives to continue to provide future flight opportunities.

The upcoming Orbital Test Bed ("OTB") mission, takes advantage of the company's flight proven solutions, and with remaining capacity provides an opportunity for customers requiring hosted payload flight opportunities. Customers would benefit from reliable, low risk access to orbit and enables them to rapidly and cost effectively space-qualify new technology, acquire mission experience and generate in-orbit data - while sharing the cost of the satellite and the launch.

Dr. John Paffett, SST-US CEO stated, "Our track record of delivering hosted payload solutions spans more than 25 years and encompasses the accommodation of customer payloads on our satellite platforms, as well as filling launch vehicle manifests. With OTB, we are continuing Surrey's successful model from LEO and MEO missions such as UKDMC-2 and GIOVE-A and the forthcoming ADS-1B and TechDemoSat-1 satellites, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to providing cost effective access to space."

For more information about SST-US's ride share and hosted payload opportunities visit

SST-US is exhibiting at the National Space Symposium , Booth 122, April 16th to 19th and interested parties are invited to discuss partnering with Surrey to fly their payloads on OTB and other forthcoming flight opportunities.

About Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC

SST-US is a Delaware registered company, with its principal offices located in Englewood, Colorado. The company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, was established in 2008 to address the United States market and its customers for the provision of small satellite solutions, applications and services.

The activities of SST-US draw extensively on the heritage, background and capability of all elements of the Surrey group, with a proven track record in provision of high quality, rapid, cost effective small satellite solutions, applications and services. SST-US' owner, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, is fully committed to establishment of the capability, approach, culture, ethos and product portfolio within the United States, going to lengths to ensure that the overseas expansion occurs transparently to its customer base without loss of capability or quality.

Since 1981 Surrey has launched 36 satellites as well as providing training and development, consultancy services, and mission studies for NASA, the US Air Force, LANL, and other institutional and commercial customers, with its innovative approach that is Changing the Economics of Space.

Press contacts:

Becky Yoder, CFO, SST-US
Tel: (720) 256-2590

Robin Wolstenholme (UK / global)
Tel: +44 (0)1306 882288

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