Guest Blog Pitch

What are we looking for? We're looking for articles and commentary that would benefit the community regarding all aspects of the space sector: business, space policy, military space, space exploration, space science, technology and more.

To pitch an idea for a blog post to the SpaceRef editorial team, please enter your name, a brief bio, your email address and your pitch. The pitch can be a short idea, or the full text of your submission. An editor will contact you should we decide to publish your blog post. Please indicate if you're interested in becoming a recurring guest blog writer.

Should your post be accepted it will be posted on SpaceRef ( or SpaceRef Business ( and possibly cross-posted to NASA Watch or one of our other web sites depending on the topic.

In return for the guest blog post, accepted posts will have the authors name, title, picture, email address, twitter address, and a short bio posted as part of the post. As well for recurring writers we'll provide an RSS feed of their posts. No other renumeration is available at this time. If you make an ongoing contribution that the community and we feel is valuable we'll consider bringing you on as an ongoing paid contributor including working on new products we have in development.

Marc Boucher, SpaceRef

Please note: We will not accept product pitches. Send us a press release instead.