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WHO owns the Moon? According to the United Nations Outer Space Treaty, signed by every space-faring country, no nation can claim sovereignty over Earth's lunar satellite. 102 countries have entered into to the 1967 accord; China joined in 1983. But space law scholars debate whether the Treaty actually implicitly prohibits, or allows, private ownership on celestial bodies.

Space Mining Entrepreneur Discussion

By Eva-Jane Lark: In early May, the Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Science Symposium (PTMSS) and Space Resources Roundtable (SRR) were held for the first time in conjunction with the Canadian Institute of Mining's (CIM) annual conference. Space mining was introduced to mainstream mining both in the Plenary Session where Chris Lewicki of Planetary Resources was an invited panelist, and in the three day PTMSS/SRR break-out sessions.