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Video: AIAA - On-Orbit Servicing Horizons

The servicing of satellites on-orbit has been a hot topic in recent years. From satellite inspection and supporting a spacecraft launched into the wrong orbit to active servicing tasks such as refueling or hardware replacement, spacecraft that can support on-orbit servicing tasks could give new life to otherwise inoperable spacecraft.

The annual AIAA Space conference is underway. In this plenary session government, business, and academic leaders engage in conversation about the direction of change in the space industry and the trends impacting future developments in space science, military space, space launch, and space exploration.

George T. Whitesides, chief executive officer of Virgin Galactic (VG) and The Spaceship Company, addressed Friday's plenary session on "Entrepreneurial Aerospace," at AIAA SciTech 2015.

At this years AIAA Space 2014 conference a panel of experts from industry and government discussed Emerging Space: The Next Industrial Revolution.

At this years AIAA Space 2014 conference a panel of experts from industry and government discussed the Cybersecurity in Space Systems.

At this years AIAA Space 2014 conference a panel of experts from NASA and industry discussed the building blocks of to Mars.

At this years AIAA Space 2014 conference NASA provided a panel of experts to discuss their Exploration Technology. The panel focused on the importance of sustained space technology investments to current and future explorations missions with special emphasis on future asteroid and Mars mission requirements. The panelists also discussed recent technology project successes and challenges.

The nation's commercial spaceport network will be expanding from the "8 that are operating now, to 17 in the next few years," Brian Gulliver, a spaceport development team leader at Reynolds, Smith and Hills, told an audience attending the panel "An Expanding Network of Commercial Spaceports" this morning at the AIAA SPACE 2014 Forum in San Diego.

There are cures for what ails the aerospace workforce, where prospects for future growth are not robust: First and foremost is better communication - to the public, about the benefits of aerospace to society, and to young professionals, about a future vision for the nation's aerospace enterprise.

Additive manufacturing will allow companies to reduce their parts production time-line from "a couple of months and weeks to a couple of weeks and days," creating tremendous cost savings for companies that can leverage the technology, said Greg Morris, manager of additive manufacturing and business development at GE Aviation.