NewSpace 2014 Conference - Day 1 Video

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NewSpace 2014

The three day NewSpace conference organized by the Space Frontier Foundation is underway in San Jose, California. All of the main sessions are recorded. Here are the sessions for Thursday, July 24, 2014.

Keynote: Dr. Simon P. Worden - Director, NASA Ames Research Center

Remarks from the Chairman of the Board

Integrating the Vision Panel

There are three unique markets of the space industry - military space, civil space, and
commercial space. These three markets are learning to work and thrive together, now more than ever before. However, the Space Frontier Foundation sees that the sum of these parts is greater than the individual markets themselves and that it leads to one clear goal - space settlement. This panel welcomes representatives from each of these three markets to discuss how to improve the quality of human life through sustainable space development and what role each of these sectors have.

Jeff Feige - Chairman of the Board, Space Frontier Foundation
Michael Lopez-Alegria - President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
Daniel Mosqueda - Director, Air Force Programs, Universities Space Research Association
Dr. Simon P. Worden - Director, NASA Ames Research Center

Lightning Pitch Competition

The NewSpace Business Plan Competition, in collaboration with it's sponsors ATK and the Heinlein Prize Trust, will host an innovative "Lightning Pitch Competition". This novel format is somewhere between an "Elevator Pitch" Competition and a traditional Business Plan Competition. Eight emerging (start-up) companies will deliver a four minute "investor pitch" to a shark-tank of judges as they compete for $30,000 in cash prizes.

2014 Lightning Pitch Competing Teams:

- Accion Systems, Boston, MA
- Cubecab, Mountain View, CA
- Cuberstation, Palo Alto, CA
- Elysium Space, San Francisco, CA
- Hive, Phoenix, AZ
- RockZip, Michigan City, IN
- Space Resources Extraction Technology, Huntsville, AB
- Terran Sciences Group, Orlando, FL

Space Prizes Panel

NASA, XPRIZE, and DARPA have all created and launched prize projects within the
last few years to accelerate private NewSpace companies and to reward their eā†µorts for
pushing the industry forward. While the prize itself provides incentives for commercial space entrepreneurship, the impact can be much broader. This raises a series of specific questions - How can teams benefit from the competition (beyond the actual prize)? From an investor's perspective, how is investing in a prize competitor or a prize itself a valuable investment? How can organizations that administer the prizes provide support during and after the competition so that the competition's impacts are felt long term? This panel will evaluate past prize competitions and seek to address how to maximize the impact of current and future prizes on our broader vision of space.

- Joel Carnes - VP Operations, XPRIZE
- Jennifer Gustetic - Prizes and Challenges Program Executive, Office of the Chief Technologist, NASA Headquarters
- Sean Mahoney - Chief Executive Officer, Masten Space Systems
- Bruce Pittman - Flight Projects Director, NASA Ames Space Portal

The Key to the New Space Economy - Space Mineral Resources

The Reusable Orbital Science Spacecraft (ROSS) is an academic, industrial, and government partnership effort to explore the use of Space Mineral Resources (SMR) for the benefit of stakeholders all over the world - especially in those regions that are now without significant engagement with national space programs.

Art Dula - Chairman and Founder, Excalibur Almaz

Space Investors Panel

Historically, people invested in space because of a vision, not merely in the hopes of getting rich. However, recent success stories seem to be changing the perception, and investors are beginning to look at placing bets in commercial spaceflight companies. Is this a minor hiccup? Or are investors seeing a fundamental shift in the commercial spaceflight industry? If so, what areas of the industry will be affected soonest? This panel will discuss investing in commercial spaceflight companies and its impact on the broader NewSpace movement.

- Tim Craine - Head of Space Commerce Development, Cavendish Trust
- Esther Dyson - Chairman, EDventure Holdings
- Robert Jacobson - Principal, Space Angels Network
- Tom Olson - Exodus Consulting Group

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